Concert ‘Joopa Joo’

November 5, 2016

On the 5th of November 2016 I took pictures of the group ‘Joopa Joo’ in Funky Claude’s Bar in Montreux.
This trio consists of Robert Trainor (Guitar/vocals), Robert Rönnback Organ and Richard Sykes on drums.

They played a few sets, a varied mix of jazz, blues and rock.
Robert Rönnback is from Finland , hence the name “Joopa Joo” which means “Yeah right”.

Funky Claude’s bar is an intimate bar with a little stage. On one hand not the easiest place for concert photography, no special effects like a smoking machine or spectacular lights that give me more options in my creativity. On the other hand there was lots of time to try different angles around the stage and even enjoy much of the concert. So another great experience. Hope you enjoy the pictures that you can find in the ‘photoshoots’ gallery. Or just click the link below.




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Hey, this photo is @ Maurice Starke